Regular 6" 100% FLOATING waterproof cell phone case: Regular / Hot Pink


“Original” Air-inflated FLOATING, 100% waterproof cell phone case by Aqua Case Regular Size Fits all smartphones up to 6 ” 4.25 ” w x 7.5 ” h. 8 Colors Available Black, Caribbean Blue, Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Royal Blue, Yellow and White Includes Lanyard and User Manual. The Aqua Case FLOATS !! Never Lose your cell phone !! Full Functionality of your cell phone while 100% protected from the water. Take AMAZING, MEMORABLE Photos & Video above and underwater, Talk, Text, Email, Facebook, Instagram with your Aqua Case while in the water. Free Retail Counter Top and Floor Displays Minimum order 48 pieces. 300% + retail margins Assorted Colors. Free Custom Logo Branding Available. Minimum order 250 pieces. 90 days delivery time. Family Owned and Operated since 2016. ONLY waterproof cell phone case company offering FULL REPLACEMENT INSURANCE WARRANTY covering water damage to the cell phone.