Black Project RAY v2 Pre-Preg


The Ray is a SUP racing and touring fin designed to improve board stability and tracking. Ideal for intermediate paddlers and those looking to progress on narrower boards, this is the biggest fin we make and it utilizes an increased depth, greater surface area, and our new Deep Foil Concept for an easier paddling experience. Best-suited for flat and choppy water, the Ray keeps you upright and allows you to focus on improving your form. You’re not fast if you’re falling off, but the Ray keeps the wobbles at bay.

  • A big fin with a thicker foil (24cm / 9.45” & 279cm2 / 43.25 in2 ).
  • Designed for intermediate paddlers and those new to narrower boards.
  • Deep Foil Concept (DFC) increases tracking and stability.
  • Ideal upgrade for many touring and race orientated inflatable boards.
  • Increased foil and surface area enhances tracking and stability, ideal for windy and rough paddling days.
  • Complete with premium fin cover, fin screw, leash string and board sticker.
Best For: When you need extra stability, tracking & glide; excellent in choppy conditions & longer distances.
Suitable For: Intermediate paddlers.
Depth (cm/in) 24 / 9.45
Area (cm3 / in²) 279 / 43.2
Cord (cm / in) 14.5 / 5.7
Fin Base (cm / in) 16.5 / 6.5
Leading Edge (degrees) 45°
Foil Type Symmetrical
Construction LiteCore Technology
Weight (gr / oz) 200 / 7.05
Warranty 1 yr


The correct fit for: Infinity, SIC Maui, 404, NSP, Flying Fish, Bark, Jimmie Lewis, Kings Paddleboards