Black Project Hydro SprintX



The Hydro SprintX is the ultimate SUP paddle for sprinting and short-distance and technical races. Engineered for maximum acceleration and top speed, every detail is optimized for victory. Featuring a 7.5° blade angle and a wider, more compact blade outline, your first stroke ignites instant acceleration. A shallow power scoop and reduced blade volume ensures swift entry and exit, maintaining a rapid cadence for sprinting. The Tour Carbon double taper shaft delivers instant power under extreme loads, with a flexible top section to reduce shoulder fatigue. The Power Grip ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip during intense paddling. Constructed with 30T pre-prg carbon, the Hydro SprintX is the pinnacle of speed and responsiveness. For serious SUP competitors, it’s a must-have in your paddle quiver. Seychelle Webster demonstrated the paddle’s pedigree by winning the Sprint world title at the 2023 ICF World Championships. Power Grip Handle 23.5
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