Black Project Hydro Synergy-X with bag



 Introducing the latest evolution in paddling excellence — the next generation of ‘super paddles’ has arrived. Offering a greatly enhanced paddling experience, the Hydro SynergyX empowers you to achieve increased board speed, maintain a higher paddling cadence, and paddle for extended durations. In partnership with world champions Seychelle Webster and Arthur Arutkin, and drawing inspiration from the success of the Hydro series, this new Black Project paddle has been meticulously tuned to dominate middle and long distance races. Prepare to redefine your paddling experience.


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To achieve a combination of race winning speed and endurance, the blade has been optimized for efficiency. With a moderate blade angle of 10°, a narrower entry, and thinner blade profile, each paddle stroke is effortlessly smooth with an easy catch. The wider blade shoulders and medium depth Power Scoop give the option to increase power if needed during competitive racing or higher intensity paddle workouts. The competitive speed and racing edge associated with the Hydro SynergyX was demonstrated during the 2023 season with both Arthur Arutkin and Seychelle Webster claiming long-distance wins with a variety of prototypes. Arthur is pictured winning the APP distance race in Korea using a prototype blade and TourCarbon 65 shaft


Selecting the right components to suit your paddling requirements is of utmost importance. Our sizing and shaft charts simplify the process of choosing the perfect shaft and blade combination, ensuring a user-friendly and straightforward selection experience. This paddle is the preferred choice of world champions Seychelle Webster and Arthur Arutkin, and is also used by athletes including Blue Ewer, and Bernd Roediger and more for medium to long-distance and endurance races.

Size (cm2) 627 586 549 517 487
Size (in2) 97 91 85 80 76
Paddler Weight (KG) 90 - 110 80 - 100 70 - 90 60 - 80 50 - 70
Paddler Weight (lbs) 200 - 245 175 - 220 155 - 200 130 - 175 1