Meet the  Alter Ego coaster fit Hat, a modern interpretation of a timeless classic. With a structured front panel that sits low on the crown and conforms to the natural rounded contour of your head, this hat offers a sleek and stylish look. Crafted with our exclusive HyperPoly+ fabric, the coaster is not only incredibly lightweight and breathable, but also designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. The premium texture of the fabric is simply stunning and will leave you feeling confident and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.


  • AER Splash™ water repellent technology keeps your hat from getting water logged. The water beads up and runs right off the hat, almost like magic!
  • HyperPoly+™ fabric for heightened sweat stain prevention (no white sweat lines)
  • Hidden AER Run Pocket! Store a key or fuel right inside your hat
  • Ultra lightweight; light as a feather fabric
  • Extreme sweat wicking material to take on your toughest runs/adventures
  • Maximum durability for longer lasting colors (stays fresh as the day you got it!)
  • Low maintenance care. Wear, sweat, hand rinse cold (only), REPEAT! No washing machine required to stay fresh!