Sun Sleeves | UPF 50+ | Cooling


Barely-there fit. Covers from shoulder to just beyond wrist. Unisex.

custom, comfortable, barely-there fit. Cover the hands or roll them up to the wrist.

Keep a pair in the car when driving, in your beach bag when boating, out for a walk; great for golf or anytime you are under the sun to prevent sun spots and keep your skin looking younger. The stretchy Spandex component of the fabric allows a perfect fit.


87% 37.5™ polyester, 13% spandex, thermoregulating UPF 50+ 

The activated particles in Cocona™/37.5™ fabric increase the surface area by up to 800%, resulting in outstanding evaporative cooling and UV protection. The climate control fabric retains warmth if you start cooling down or releases warmth if your core body temperature starts to rise. The sun protection never washes out.

A garment's greatest environmental impact comes from its care after being purchased. Wash only when necessary in order to save water.  Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.