Bicycle Rental

Sick of traffic or can't find parking? NO UBER? NO PROBLEM! WET, Inc has got you covered. Call, stop by, or book your bike rental online today. WET, Inc bikes are the best way to explore our beautiful beaches and scenic highways. We offer newer, well-maintained bikes for rent by the day and weeks. We will make your riding experience fantastic with affordable rates, free helmet, lock, and trip advice.

26" 5'3" and up

Full Day $30 
Add a Day $10
Weekly $60
10% off Group Discount Available (6 bikes and up) Please call to book your group bike rentals. 


Free Delivery Available Monday - Saturday
Delivery time between  8:00 AM- 9:00 AM.
Pick Up time between 4:00 PM- 5:00PM. 
Our staff working hard to be on time with your deliveries, but some days Destin traffic could be unpredictable. So, please be nice and don't forget to tip! :-) 




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