WET Auto/Manual Waist PFD

$38.00 $89.00

WET Auto/Manual Waist PFD can be used for kayaking, canoeing or stand up paddle boarding. Comfortable fit is less likely to obstruct your range of motion while paddling, and it covers less of your body on a hot day. Reusable, washable, easy to air dry and repack. WET Auto/Manual Waist PFD is 100N and fits for an adult under 300 lb. 

Instruction on how to use the WET Auto/ Manual Waist PFD

 Automatic setting: Upon entering the water the WET PFD should inflate automatically. If the WET PFD fails to inflate pull the toggle to inflate via the gas cylinder. Should the WET PFD fails to inflate, or you need to top it off, use the oral tube.


Manual setting: When needed pull the toggle to inflate via gas cylinder.


DO NOT inflate orally and then inflate via the gas cylinder.

DO NOT wear WET Auto/Manual Waist PFD under clothing.

It is unsafe to wear the WET Auto/Manual Waist  PFD loose, should be a snag fit.

Check CO2 cylinder before and after each use.

Rinse in clean, fresh water after use. Drip dry away from direct sun.

The gas cylinder and water sensing cartridge should be checked or replaced every year after purchase.