Alter Ego Coatser Hat Splash OBSIDIAN PALM


The Alter Ego Running Hat boasts AER Splash™ water repellent technology to prevent water saturation. Its HyperPoly+™ fabric keeps sweat stains at bay without leaving white marks, and includes a hidden AER Run Pocket for small item storage. Made of ultra lightweight material, it's perfect for intense workouts and features highly sweat-wicking capabilities for maximum comfort. The hat maintains its vibrant colors wash after wash and is incredibly durable. For easy maintenance, simply rinse by hand with cold water. The Alter Ego Coaster Fit Hat is a modern take on a timeless classic. With a structured front panel that sits low on the crown, it has a sleek and stylish look. Crafted with our exclusive HyperPoly+ fabric, it is lightweight, breathable, and designed for exceptional performance and durability.

Our goal is to craft the ultimate high-performance running hats that surpass any other product available in the market. Our team has devoted an extensive amount of time to refine our hats and enhance them to a level that exceeds expectations. By blending cutting-edge fabrics and technology, we've achieved the most long-lasting and lightweight running hats in the industry.

AER Splash™ Water Repellent Technology
Enhanced Sweat Dispersion
Ultra Lightweight Technology
Max Durability and Breathability
HyperPoly+™ Fabric
Reflective Safety Elements
Hidden AER Run Pocket!
Low Maintenance Care